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How to speak Spanish? Learning a new language can be a bit tricky if you don’t take it seriously. Although Spanish language is pretty straight forward to pronounce, it can get a bit tough with some sounds… not to mention the vast vocabulary it possess… among other things. Spanish lessons with CAD is a great way to get to know Mexican culture and to learn the Spanish language in a fun and interesting way.

However, we’re here for you. Either you decide to study Spanish by Yourself or with our Spanish lessons in CAD, we want to be part of your success. Here are the options we got for you:

Some benefits of learning Spanish with CAD

In our Spanish lessons you’ll have access to our Podcast in Spanish. The goal here is for you to develop your listening skills. In case you don’t have the time to watch our videos, you can always hear our Spanish Podcast episodes.

Also, we want you to be able to learn Spanish by Yourself when we’re not around. The videos you’ll be watching complement the classes (Online or On-site), so we recommend you to be comfortable and follow these 3 Tips to learn Spanish

Here’s something new 😎 Taking Spanish lessons with us gives you access to our events (Language Exchange), where you’ll be able to practice Spanish with natives. Also, you’ll learn through Spanish learning games and connect with other Spanish learners.

Audios and videos sounds great, but you’ll be needing material with which you can write and read on your own. Our CAD Guides have a handmade solution. As a part of the CAD Method, you’ll get plenty of exercises.

    5 star review  He tenido clases de español aquí por el mes pasado, y me gusta mucho. La maestra Abril fue muy rápido para determinar dónde estaba mi habilidad en español y ya puedo ver resultados con mi gramática y pronunciación. I’ve had Spanish classes here for the last month, and I really enjoy it. The teacher Abril, was very quick to to find where I was at with my ability in Spanish. I can already see results with my grammar and pronunciation.

    William Lyday Avatar William Lyday
    May 9, 2018

    5 star review  Muy buena atención, amables y la información impartida muy clara con gran aprendizaje.

    Dalet Gomez Avatar Dalet Gomez
    May 15, 2017

    positive review  Quiero comentar que llegar a CAD ha sido un buen acierto en mi camino para continuar con el aprendizaje del idioma Inglés. Mis maestras son personas jóvenes, pacientes y con el gusto de enseñar. I am happy to be here and to improve my English speaking.

    Diana Nieto Avatar Diana Nieto
    September 25, 2018

Are we good?

Here’s the experience of Billy, one of our first Spanish CAD Members. The Spanish language is a very complex one, however, we believe that with the proper motivation, any language can be fun and entertaining.

Spanish lessons online or spanish lessons in Tijuana? I promise you that one is as effective as the other. We’ve seen a lot of people within the community thinking on-site learning is the best option.

Long story short, you need to focus on the skills you’d like to develop and not precisely the vehicle. Yes, the vehicle is important, but (as I said before) not crucial when you have the right motivation.

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