Spanish in Tijuana

Learn Spanish in Tijuana with native CAD Guides. This is the perfect chance to know about Mexican culture and learn Spanish in a fun and interesting way. The CAD Method adapts to your interests. Do you know how you learn best? If not, come and find out in CAD, if you do know, it will be a lot easier for you to learn Spanish.

Aside from all the content and material, if you decide to learn Spanish in Tijuana, you’ll have access to our CADlive! Language Exchange events. Here you’ll get the chance to meet natives, teachers, and/or mentors, who will help you achieve your goal through conversation and Spanish learning games. If you’re starting, DON’T WORRY, we got you.

Let’s get in touch! Fill the form below and a Spanish CAD Guide will contact you! REMEMBER, this form is for those wanting to learn Spanish in Tijuana. If you’re not in Tijuana, try learning Spanish Online with us.


Learn in a comfortable environment while drinking a cup of coffee (or tea). Relax, loosen up and immerse yourself in the Spanish language though Mexican culture


Let's make it practical. We know you're a busy person, so we'll adapt to your schedule as much as we possibly can.


You'll have access to different resources, such as videos, podcast, images, graphics, tables, and more tools, makes your learning flexible and simple. This way, we can give you feedback on and offline.

Spanish school in Tijuana

So you probably were looking for Spanish schools with no success. Our Spanish school began 2 years ago thanks to our CAD Guides (whom at the time were teaching English).

They were the ones that discovered we could create such special bond with a whole new country. It’s been a long road, however, if you’re committed to learn our language and culture, we’re here to support that.

    spanish in tijuana

    Some benefits of learning Spanish in Tijuana

    When learning Spanish with us, you’ll have access to our Podcast, which have some episodes for Spanish learners. The goal here is for you to develop your listening skills. In case you don’t have the time to watch our videos, you can always hear our Podcast episodes.

    Also, we want you to be able to learn Spanish by Yourself when we’re not around. The videos you’ll be watching complement the Spanish lessons, so we recommend you to be comfortable and follow these 3 Tips to learn Spanish first of all.

    Here’s something new 😎 Taking Spanish lessons with us gives you access to our events (CADlive! Language Exchange), where you’ll be able to practice Spanish with natives. Also, you’ll learn through games and connect with other Spanish learners.

    Audios and videos sounds great, but you’ll be needing material with which you can write and read on your own. Our CAD Guides have a handmade solution. As a part of the CAD Method, you’ll get plenty of exercises digital and/or printed so you can take it everywhere you go, no excuses.

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