Spanish classes

In this mode you’ll have access to videos, Podcast (audios), written exercises and monthly LIVESTREAMS with a Spanish speaking teacher. Enjoy our online Spanish classes.

In order for us to create these Spanish lessons, we decided to use the Patreon platform. This platform allow us to bring you an AFFORDABLE learning experience.

Inside you’ll get:

  • Exclusive VIDEO lessons.
  • Exercises to download.
  • Exclusive audios.
  • Livestreams.
  • Private Spanish group for support.

Also, in our Patreon we can keep up with 3 very important aspects for us in CAD:


Learn from anywhere at any time, this allows you to connect and study at your home, office or even in your car. We love giving you all the useful tools, in order for you to learn in a comfortable way.


You are saving time by attending ¨class¨ on your own time and rhythm. This means you have the benefits of going at your own pace with different materials to practice.


Having access to different resources, such as videos, podcast, images, graphics, tables, and more tools, makes your learning flexible and simple. This way, you can find the topics you want to learn.

Why's this a great idea

First and foremost, you’ll always have the support from a CAD Guide. They will be by your side for any questions you may have. If for some reason you don’t like it, you’ll only “lose” $5 usd, so the investment is pretty low compared to a complete course.

Also, the Guides will be with you in a monthly livestream where you’ll get lots of exercises, app reviews and book reviews you can use to learn Spanish.

If you prefer having customized Spanish classes focused ONLY on what you need to learn with a Spanish CAD Guide. We have this other option (CLICK the image below).

Or you can start with a free course. Before investing, it’s good to test yourself with the language. Learn Spanish with this course, with the possibility to get a certificate.


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