Learn Spanish

If you clicked on this course with the hope of learning Spanish, let me congratulate you. It’s common for us in CAD to see people from the US in Tijuana, Mexico wanting to learn Spanish. However, not everybody is looking to learn this beautiful language.

I’ll be brief, talking business, Spanish may open doorways to multiple opportunities in Mexico, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. There’s a phrase that says “Learn a new language and get a new soul” and from a Spanish speaking native, I can guarantee you that you won’t regret also learning the cultural aspect of the language.

Now, What’s good for you with this course? First, this is a FREE COURSE, you can’t go wrong from there. Second, if you want to you can ask for a certificate which you can link to your LinkedIn profile, but that’s an extra. And finally, if you like the culture and the language, you can get a follow up with one of our Spanish CAD Guides.

Give your mind a chance to travel through foreign languages

– Neil Simon

Mexican Spanish with natives

Now, you might not get a feel for the course we just introduced you. If this is the case, let us give you some other options to learn Spanish in a different way, the Mexican way.

Read closely, IF: You’re LEVEL 1 and don’t know where to start, you learn better with videos or audios, or you are more ahead on the road and you want to practice the language through conversation, you might find THE FOLLOWING interesting.

Spanish Lessons

Do you want to be accompanied on-site or online all the way, until you can converse with a Spanish native speaker? This option is for you.

Do you know Udemy? Well… we created a course where you can start learning Spanish from ZERO.

If you’re feeling like a Language Exchange event is the right choice for you, you can check CADlive! out, which is the perfect environment to practice languages and teach yours at the same time.

Epic books

We have lots of books we would like to share with you. However, let’s start with only 3 books, if you want more, you can check out the page libros recomendados. YES, most of our recommendations are books in Spanish. However you can always get both versions and actually know what the book is about.

Now, it’s important to say that books are a GREAT complement to learn a language, you know, grammar, vocabulary and stuff like that. Besides all of that, this is a great way to change your life through personal development and business books. So, be aware of this idea, I’m only throwing it out there. It’s up to you whether you take it or just stick to learning the language.

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