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How to learn Spanish

Here are some tools that will show you how to learn Spanish at the office, in your spare time or full time at home. It’s time for you to learn Spanish in a practical way. Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be THAT difficult!

Look at the GIFT we have for you (BELOW) where we’ll help you on your quest on how to learn Spanish. Also, keep reading to learn how we use this gift in CAD Centro de Aprendizaje y Desarrollo with our students 🚀

First, look at these tips to learn Spanish

Have you ever heard about the 3 tips Alma shared in this video? 

These “3 tips to learn a new language” combined with the GIFT we prepared for you, will help you on your quest to learn Spanish. Remember, this is a process, so you’ll need to be constant. 

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Learn Spanish with this gift!!!

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We’ve seen that the best way to learn Spanish is developing these 4 skills… all at once. To make it happen, you’ll need to give your learning process a solid structure AND learning tools.

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Learn Spanish

...Or get a FREE Spanish lesson...

Get a FREE online Spanish lesson with one of our Spanish CAD Guides, REMEMBER, if you’re nearby you can get your FREE Spanish class in Tijuana too.

Send your info and we’ll help you schedule it personally.

You can learn Spanish here too

OR… you can learn through videos, audios and written exercises in our Exclusive content in Patreon:

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You’ll have access to our Podcast in Spanish. The goal here is for you to develop your listening skills. In case you don’t have the time to watch our videos, you can always hear our Spanish Podcast episodes.

Also, we want you to be able to learn Spanish by Yourself when we’re not around. The videos you’ll be watching complement the classes (Online or On-site), so we recommend you to be comfortable and (AGAIN) be persistent, you can do this.

Here’s something new 😎 Taking Spanish lessons with us gives you access to our events (CADlive! Language Exchange), where you’ll be able to practice Spanish with natives. Also, you’ll learn through Spanish learning games and connect with other Spanish learners.

Audios and videos sounds great, but you’ll be needing material with which you can write and read on your own. Our CAD Guides have a handmade solution. As a part of the CAD Method, you’ll get plenty of exercises.

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